The Flop House Hosts On Nic Cage - This Is Exactly Right
  • Dan McCoy: I worry that we’re reaching peak Cage as a culture. There’s all these Nicolas Cage memes on the Internet, which kind of frustrate me. It’s becoming one of these ironic signifiers, and I guess that we’ve been a part of that in our own, small way. But Nicolas Cage isn’t just an ironic signifier to us. He’s a guy that we genuinely enjoy.
  • Elliott Kalan: Nicolas Cage is genuinely a great actor. He just makes terrible choices, and he is crazy. If you see him in a movie like Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, he’s amazing. But he makes so much garbage, and he’s like John Carpenter in a way, where he can’t seem to tell what the bad ideas are from the good ideas.
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The encounter is an extraordinary sequence of physical comedy, one calamity adding to another until the finale where, in a crowed clubhouse of American sophisticates, David (in tatters) has to step so closely behind Susan to get away that he uses his top hat to mask the fact that her derriere is just silk knickers because of the rip in her dress. You need to look at this moment in calm and isolation to see that it is shockingly sexual. If it wasn’t so stupid, so screwball, the censor would have stopped it. There’s a lesson here which says you can do the most subversive things if you’re making a comedy. [x]

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1970s Robert Crumb greeting cards.

You promise to listen, to do everything I tell you? Without question?

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Deathwatch (2002)

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Oingo Boingo- Who Do You Want To Be

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